Writing helps me clear my mind and refine my ideas. However, starting and maintaining a consistent writing habit is a challenge, as you can see by the three-year gap since my first post on this site.

By looking at examples of people who have become successful writers, I think the key is:

  1. Consistency: Focus on writing a little every day, even if you’re not happy with the quality.
  1. Discover your Niche: Once you’ve written maybe 50-100 posts, hopefully you will have found your voice and find it easier to narrow down the topic that you’re mainly going to write about
  2. Remember the Journey: There are so many things that I put off doing, but once I get started they’re not so bad, in fact I often find myself enjoying the process and sometimes even get into a flow state.

I will try and write a little every day, even if it’s just 5 mins. Sometimes it may take me a week to put together those 5 minutes to create an article, but like most habits I hope it will snowball over time.