Side Projects

In March 2019 I released a series of articles about growing shiitake mushrooms at home. I hope to expand the scope of this website to include other species of mushrooms and course information.

In June 2017 I created a web application that shows where kerbside pickups are currently happening in Perth. This website still remains extremely popular 2 years later with an average of 300 visitors a day.

In 2013 I put together a list of web forums in Australia. I like the fact that legacy forum software isn’t ephemeral. Since originally posting the list, other options such as Discord have become more popular and many of the sites from the original list are disappearing.

  • Headhunted

In June 2020, I released the beta version of a site that aggregates IT jobs in Australia. I bit off a bit more than I could chew and have temporarily closed the site down. With the release of ChatGPT I may look at restarting this site. I’m finding it easier to breath new life breathed into many of my side projects as it’s like having a junior developer on hand.


In 2013, my girlfriend (now wife) and I headed to South America for 4 months. I kept an account of our trip until we reached Bolivia.

In 2008, my brother and I rode around Iceland for a month after 3 months in Central America. We raised about $3,000 for charity and had an incredible experience.